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Parametric Rainbow 3D Wall Sculpture Parametric Art

SKU: Parametric Rainbow

Exclusive designs by uniQstiQ. Free Shipping and Returns throughout the U.S.A. Buy Direct from Manufacturer.

Step into a world of color and dynamism with uniQstiQ's 3D Multicolor Rectangle Parametric Wall Art. This striking piece blends the vibrancy of modern wall art with the intrigue of interactive design, all underscored by the playful energy of pop art. Assembled in the USA, this premium piece takes your personal aesthetics and the boldness of color spectrum to the forefront, creating a one-of-a-kind experience with each arrangement.

The art piece stands out with its vivid acrylic printed backer, which elegantly depicts the color spectrum as a linear rainbow. Crafted from thick, high-quality acrylic, the backer lends a radiant brilliance and high-gloss finish to the overall composition. It holds just under 40 slots that are ready to house the array of colored rectangles, creating a stunning canvas that is ready to be customized to your heart's content.

In your hands are different sized rectangles bathed in the hues of green, orange, hot pink, electric yellow, and deep-sea blue. These fluorescent acrylic pieces can be mixed and matched in the slots according to your mood, event, or interior design. This flexibility gives the artwork a living, evolving character that is bound to be a conversation starter in any setting.

To ensure easy installation, this artwork comes equipped with four sturdy aluminum standoffs. The dimensions of 15"H x 47"W ensure that the piece makes a significant visual impact, drawing eyes and compliments. Embrace the freedom to create and the joy of vibrant colors with the 3D Multicolor Rectangle Parametric Wall Art, and let your walls reflect your unique creative spirit.

Artwork Dimensions: 15"H x 47"W

Customer Reviews

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Shannon Langley
Gorgeous piece of artwork!

This piece is so unique! I love it! Adds a beautiful pop of color to my dining room. Quality workmanship. Just be careful with the white backing on the anchor piece it peels of very easily. Handle with kid gloves.