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Can wallpapers be applied to freshly painted and textured walls?

Peel-and-stick wallpapers are not suitable for freshly painted walls. Paints have solvents which off-gas when curing, releasing VOCs which will dissolve the adhesive used in the wallpaper. This will cause product failure. Paints cure from the outside in. This means they can be dry to the touch but still uncured. We recommend waiting a minimum of 8 weeks prior to applying wallpaper on a painted wall.

The wallpaper will take on the underlying texture of the wall. This means that on textured walls, repositionability will be negatively affected. Highly textured walls with sharp points will warp the vinyl film and prevent optimal adhesion. 

Can wallpapers be applied to fresh drywall/plaster/sheetrock?

Products are not suitable on non-sealed surfaces. Surfaces must be painted/sealed prior to application. Clean, raw MDF and HDF are suitable surfaces as is any glass surface. 

Can wallpapers be applied in a humid bathroom?

Our peel-and-stick wallpaper products are designed to work well in high humidity areas such as bathrooms. Wallpaper may not be applied within a shower cabinet or above a bathtub where frequent, direct water exposure is likely.