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Set of Three Art Modern Wall Art Prints

Discover the allure of contemporary sophistication with our Set of 3 Acrylic Art Modern Wall Art category, crafted by uniQstiQ. This collection showcases modern artwork that breathes life into your Wall Decor, infusing your living space with vibrancy and depth. Our Acrylic Prints are more than just Wall Art; they are statement pieces, merging aesthetic appeal with high-quality materials to produce captivating Wall Prints that become the centerpiece of any room.

Modern Wall Art

Each Set of 3 Prints from this category encapsulates the spirit of modern design, offering Extra Large Wall Decor that is as stylish as it is impactful. The geometric elements within the Wall Decor transform your wall into a canvas of contemporary expression. Our artwork is not merely visually stunning but also designed to endure, ensuring that your spaces retain their charm for years to come.

Wall Decor

Wall Print

The Modern Wall Art in this category is distinguished by its innovative mounting style. Every print is accompanied by four stylish metal stand-offs, offering a total of twelve per set. This technique not only provides a secure and robust Wall Hanging solution but also contributes to the artwork's modern aesthetic. The stand-offs add an extra dimension to the Wall Art, enhancing the visual appeal and making installation a breeze.

Wall Hanging

Acrylic Art

Our Set of 3 Acrylic Art Modern Wall Art collection is the perfect blend of style and functionality. The prints, with dimensions of 30"W x 46"H each, bring the beauty of Boho Art and Scandinavian Prints to your home, redefining your interior decor. Proudly made in the USA, this category is a testament to uniQstiQ's commitment to quality and innovative design. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our modern design and let your walls tell a story with our captivating Set of 3 Acrylic Art Modern Wall Art.