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uniQstiQ's Exclusive Designs: Shop Directly from the Manufacturer for Unbeatable Savings! Made in U.S.A.

Trade Program

Are you a professional in the realm of aesthetics and design, seeking an exceptional range of art products to elevate your projects? Whether you're an interior designer, architect, real estate developer, home stager, or involved in the hospitality industry, uniQstiQ extends a warm invitation to be a part of our exclusive trade program. Our offerings are crafted with the intention to inspire your creative process, bringing a unique flair to your design work.

Our trade program is specifically tailored for industry professionals, providing numerous benefits designed to enhance your experience and deliver value. As a trade program member, you unlock access to trade discounts that make acquiring our modern, high-quality pieces even more compelling. But our commitment to you goes beyond just pricing. We provide personalized design services and consultations for custom work, aligning with your vision to create artwork that harmonizes beautifully with your projects.

At uniQstiQ, we are not just another supplier but a complete solution to your creative needs. We operate as a full-service, in-house fabrication shop, honed by years of expertise and armed with cutting-edge technology. Our diverse capabilities extend to include acrylic art manufacturing, guaranteeing pieces of stunning, long-lasting quality.

We excel in flatbed printing, delivering high-resolution, vivid prints that capture the finest details. In addition to this, we have perfected the art of wallpaper printing, providing customized solutions that can dramatically transform any space. But our capabilities don’t stop here. We offer CNC routing services, laser cutting, and UV printing. These services enable us to deliver products that perfectly embody your vision, irrespective of the complexity.

We take pride in our ability to blend technical prowess with artistic vision, crafting pieces that speak volumes in both quality and aesthetic appeal. In entrusting your needs to us, you gain a partner that respects your vision, shares your passion for excellence, and strives to bring your ideas to life with precision and flair. Join our trade program and experience firsthand the commitment and quality that define uniQstiQ.

Embrace this opportunity to collaborate with us and enrich your work with our artistic creations. If our trade program piques your interest, we'd be delighted to provide more information and explore how we can best serve your needs. Please reach out to us at info@uniqstiq.com. We look forward to welcoming you into our creative community and fostering a long, prosperous relationship.