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Standoff Installation Guide uniqstiq

Stand-off Installation

Congratulations on your purchase of a uniQstiQ Wall Art, the perfect addition to your modern and contemporary home decor. If your stunning wall hanging comes with a standoff set, it is an easy installation process that requires only a screwdriver. The high-quality anodized aluminum stand-offs included in the kit are designed to last, resisting rust and maintaining their sleek appearance for years to come. Transform your living space with this exceptional wall art, elevating the style and ambiance of your home.



Your kit includes several components, listed in order: drywall anchor, combination screw, barrel, set screw, and cap. The material will be placed between the barrel and the cap, with the set screw passing through the marked holes in the material. You'll also receive plastic spacers, which can be discarded – these are for demonstrative purposes to show where the material should go.


1 - Using the included Allen key, remove the combination screw from within the drywall anchor by turning it counterclockwise. We suggest using a rubber glove to hold the anchor and immobilize it, as the edges are sharp and should not be held with bare hands.

2 - Position the artwork on your wall, adjusting it until you are satisfied with its placement. Mark the center of each mounting hole where you will need to install your anchors.

3 - Optional: Pre-drill a pilot hole at each marked spot. If you encounter wood behind the drywall, you can skip the zinc anchor and use the threaded screw (already attached to the anchor) instead.

4 - Carefully insert the drywall anchor into each hole using a screwdriver, ensuring they are set perpendicular to the wall.

5 - Turn the combination screw clockwise to insert it into the anchor using the included Allen key.

6 - Place the barrel on top of the combination screw, creating a gap between the artwork and your wall.

7 - Turn the set screw clockwise to insert it into the barrel, and continue turning until it stops. Repeat this process for all stand-offs.

8 - Position the material over the mounting, aligning the set screws with the holes provided in the material.

9 - Complete the installation by attaching the caps to the system, securely holding the material in place.


Remember to wear gloves when handling bare acrylic to prevent fingerprint smudging. Avoid using Windex, isopropyl alcohol, or other solvent-containing cleaning products. A damp microfiber cloth or lens cleaning wipe will be sufficient for removing dust.

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