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Evil Eye /Printed Acrylic Art/ Wall Art / Made In USA / Modern Art/Abstract Wall Decor

SKU: EvilEye1Sm

Exclusive designs by uniQstiQ. Free Shipping and Returns throughout the U.S.A. Buy Direct from Manufacturer.

Throughout history, the concept of the Evil Eye has been embraced by numerous cultures, which posits that some individuals or objects can inflict harm or misfortune by means of a malicious gaze. The evil eye talisman redirects negative energy away from the owner.Ç?

You now have the opportunity to incorporate the beauty and protection of the Evil Eye charm into your own living space. Our talisman is not only a one-of-a-kind piece of modern art, but also a potent emblem that wards off negative energies.

Our skilled artisans meticulously fashion each talisman using top-quality materials to ensure both its strength and visual appeal. Whether it's mounted on your wall or presented on your coffee table, our Evil Eye talisman is sure to add a stunning touch to your home decor.

Don't let this adaptable and meaningful talisman slip away - it's available in two styles and two sizes (23ƒ?�W x 23ƒ?�H and 38ƒ?�W x 38ƒ?�H).

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Rosemary Hurtado
Evil Eye

Beautiful work, well made it, I definitely buy again.