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Voguish Green Wallpaper with White Flowers

SKU: F1906_125
$53.00 $59.00

Exclusive designs by uniQstiQ. Free Shipping and Returns throughout the U.S.A. Buy Direct from Manufacturer.

Welcome to uniQstiQ's Green Wallpaper with White Flowers, where the artistry of nature is delicately woven into each design. Our floral patterns are a breath of fresh air for anyone wishing to rejuvenate their space without marring their walls. With our bloom-ready peel-and-stick and pre-pasted options, you can transform your home as frequently as flowers change with the seasons.

Our peel-and-stick substrate, smooth as petal silk, features a pressure-activated adhesive, ensuring a clean and effortless installation. Our pre-pasted wallpaper, inspired by nature's cycle, contains 10% post-consumer waste, making it as environmentally friendly as a thriving flower garden!

Made with love in the USA from USA produced materials, our floral wallpapers bloom with quick shipping and high quality. Our designs do more than brighten your space; they're also safe for your indoor environment. Thanks to our Greenguard Gold certified inks, we promise our products are as gentle as morning dew. The meticulous 25-inch drop repeat in our patterns promises continuity as seamless as a garland of marigolds.

For those dreaming of floral grandeur, we invite you to explore our murals and long murals collections that amplify the enchanting beauty of our designs. Each seam overlaps by a thoughtful quarter inch, a detail we've factored into the width for a perfect bud-to-bud fit.

A word to the wise, our Peel and Stick Wallpaper thrives on smooth surfaces and may wilt on textured or freshly painted walls. Why hesitate? Embark on your home rejuvenation journey with uniQstiQ's floral wallpaper collection and let your walls blossom with the elegance of nature!

Customer Reviews

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Katherine Lapham
Have tried to return for refund with no answer.

I purchased what looked like an identical wallpaper by the same brand from this store after buying the first couple panels on Amazon.

It was presented as the same brand, same name, same wallpaper but the quality is wildly different, the scale, contrast and color do not match at all.

I’ve requested a refund and have not heard a response in 3+ weeks. My purchase was 100+ dollars.

In the photo attached - the original is on the right and this store’s product is on the left.